How to maneuver through a "cancellation"?

Hello this is Tajai from So today i thought i make a post about How to maneuver through a "cancellation"? With the rise of social media, many people are putting their lives out there to be seen by everyone. The problem with that showing your life shows your failures and these can negatively impact your life, from losing jobs, losing friends and more. In my opinion, i dont agree with cancel culture. I believe its a malpractice of "he who have not sin cast the first stone" type of people knowing everyone has "sinned" before but different levels of that. Well i decided to write a todo list of ways to maneuver through your own cancelation through three different scenarios.

Scenario 1: insensitive tweets/post from your past about race, sexuality and body positivity. Now this is one i have seen the most flack for when it comes to celebrities or anyone who has been using social media for a long time or a early age like preteen. Lets go the celebrity route first than i will explain the regular person route. For the celebrity route: lets say you were promoting a movie at an event and someone on twitter finds old tweets of you saying derogatory things about fat people. If your personality as a celebrity was that of a nice person, than you better apologize with the most sincere apology you can make than may get you an Emmy. If you are a no bullshit type of bad boy image celebrity, you would need to ask the person who is offended by your statement, "that was ten years ago, i was a teen. What are you going to do about it?" say the last part while looking your offender in the eye because most people aren't offended unless they know they can control you or get something from you. You dont necessarily have to apologize but depending on the post you made you will have to for some people you come in contact with. Finally if your image was of a comedic celebrity than you can spin this as a joke or tell people to come to your show and you will apologize. If you caught on what i put in most of these scenarios is that you dont always have to apologize for post like that if it wasn't directed to someone particularly like name dropping them in the post/tweet. For the regular person route; same post/tweet but its being put out there by your peers at a school or job. In this scenario the solution is to not apologize for the post but to delete it and say it wasn't towards anyone i was young. This type of excuse will only work if you were young when you made that tweet/post. I still stand by my opinion that you dont owe no one an apology if it wasn't directed towards someone.

Scenario 2: video of you saying a racial slur. This is a tricky one to maneuver. First i dont condone racism and think only the most unintelligent people are racist. That being said you can survive this form a cancellation depending on the age you were when you said it in that video and how racist it was. if you called someone direct a racial slur, then be ready to go on apology tour because that is almost unforgiveable if the person you directed it to didn't forgive you. To past this cancellation if you said the racial slur to someone in the video, its best to say you apologize to that individual and i do mean apologize to them directly not through social media but only if they were offended by the statement in the video. Once you do this you dont owe the ones who watched the video an apology because it wasn't directed towards them and they didn't have to watch the video, plus them getting an apology from you isn't going to satisfy them. Apologies only go so far if you are genuine and that's towards the individual you said it to.

Scenario 3: #Metoo. This is cancellation on nightmare mode for men. I will talk on this briefly because it needs its own post soon for how to maneuver around this. Let me start with the basics, if you are being called out for grape(minus the g) and you believe you are guilty also the police are involved. The best option is to turn yourself in, there is no win out of this except confinement. Well what if you are innocent, and the police are still involved? Contact your lawyer and be ready for war in the court room. This individual is most likely want to punish you for not giving them what they wanted like money, commitment, a baby etc. If you do go to court and this person hide their identity and you are found innocent, do the right thing and put the person on blast. I dont mean dox them but their picture and first name is good enough to ruin their image for lying about a serious crime and almost putting a innocent person in jail. Lets say the police aren't involved but you are being blasted on social media regardless if you are a celebrity or not. Get a lawyer and take the person to court for defamation. If you are innocent then they are committing a crime which is ruining your character. If you go this route show no mercy so the next person doesn't try this to you or someone else.

To sum all this up, cancel culture is full of hypocrites and false prophets that believe they are doing the work of the good guys but lack context clues, critical thinking skills and way laws work. Its not always bad when you call out someone for their bad behavior but its better to call them out when it happened than weeks, months and/or years later. People wont learn from their mistakes but just learn how to apologize better to make them seem sincere when they aren't.

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